We provide youths with the social, academic, and developmental support they need to thrive and succeed.

Our organization uses the benefits of team sports as a foundation, with our additional services providing opportunities to improve academic performance, develop personal relationships and sense of community, experience cultural enrichment and participate in rewarding social recreation.

Lost Boyz Inc. provides two programs throughout the year:

MVP Youth Baseball & Softball - for boys and girls ages 4 to 15
The MVP Program is divided into three components - Fall Ball, Winter Clinic, and Spring Training/League Play. This program is dedicated to developing positive social relationships, providing cultural and community enrichment, and to improving participants' physical health, and athletic and academic skills. By combining participation in team sports with tutoring and civic engagement, our participants experience positive social relationships and outcomes across many areas of their lives that enhance their individual interests, skills, and abilities.

Successful Youth Leaders (SYL) - for young adults ages 15 through 21
SYL focuses on cultivating community leaders by enhancing the developmental assets of youth aged 15 to 21. Recognizing this as a critical time in their advanced stage of development, participants are provided with professional instruction, supervision and financial compensation.

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